Strengths and weaknesses

We always try to do our best but, since things do not always go as planned, sometimes the feedback we receive isn’t great as you will see below.

However, there are plenty of compliments too…

The positive notes

"Very popular with young people and families. It is very well-priced and deserves a recommendation.” – Luigi Cremona

“Torta al testo is not to be missed! Pleasant atmosphere, unique and genuine dishes. It would be a shame not to go!" – Pamgr

"Bastia Umbra? Umbria, Italy ... my girlfriend and I had a lovely meal and I would recommend it!" – Fziviello

"It's like going back in time, when you were eating only good and genuine food.." – James

"The off-menu dishes offer much variety to choose from, for people like me who are frequent visitors, there cannot be any better!" - Gianni
The critical reviews

“One evening, we waited 40 minutes to be seated to dine” – Giovanni

“The dish was very tasty but rather heavy” – Ily 3

“Potatoes that seemed as though they were given a quick shake in a pan” – Fziello

“The decor looks like a cross between typical furnishings and Ikea” – Ily 3

“Peering in from the outside, it looks too snobbish…” – Barbara

We’ll tell you ourselves

  • Potatoes are a staple side for many of our dishes. They are ordered frequently and therefore, it is not always possible to achieve uniform cooking. We are working hard to remedy this.
  • Sometimes, especially on Saturday evenings, the restaurant is full and inevitably, waiting times can be slightly longer than usual. We are working hard to remedy this.
  • Part of our cuisine is based on typical recipes prepared in the traditional way, but we also like to experiment and therefore, we offer our patrons national and international products and dishes. We are working hard to enable you to appreciate dimension.
  • We want people coming to dinner to find a warm and comfortable environment, one that is as familiar as possible. The choice of the setting is based on this objective. We are working hard to make sure you feel at ease.

And if you need to hear more...